About Lester Ferguson

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Born in Freeport - Grand Bahama, in the islands of the Bahamas, among the majestic dense forest of the Caribbean pine trees & exotic coral reefs ; it's no wonder how Lester as a young boy became fascinated with the beauty of nature. From a child Lester, always had an extraordinary ability for keen observation, & the gift to articulate what was fascinating to him through art.

As years went by, a sensitive & creative young boy, became a sensitive & creative man, with his own family to care for. But as an artist, & as a fellow human-being, Lester became increasingly troubled at the mismanagement of the earth by some selfish humans, & the significant suffering of other humans. However, like his stories in The Earth-Watchers Series, hope came for him in July 16th, 2011 when Lester became one of Jehovah's Witnesses, & saw a better future for the earth & humankind. Today, with the Earth-Watchers children's e-book series, & with fine art, it's Lester's objective to bring value to lives, & also appreciation for creation-while giving wholesome entertainment to young readers...